BOLD Women

Are you one of those women who thinks they don’t enjoy women’s events? We think you’ll feel very much at home at this head start. Join other Christian women who:

  • Are in leadership at camp
  • Who work at camp
  • Who are in a support role

YOU will drive the content of this head start that begins Monday morning, Dec. 3, 2018.  Designed specifically to meet the diverse needs of women who are involved in the movement of Christian camping. Register today and get in the loop as more information is released about this special morning.


Bob Goff

Dream Big Framework with Bob Goff

Dream Big Framework is a multi-day experience Bob Goff leads for people ready to lead on a new level. He is carving out content from this game-changing experience for a half-day head start for Christian camping professionals.

Gain Expert Clarity
Bob has helped thousands of people like you define and accomplish their dreams. Stop feeling stuck and get started on what makes you and your ministry come alive.

Overcome Your Obstacles
Don’t let failures and fears hold you back. Investing in your dream will bring value and initiative you’ve been missing. 

Land the Plane
Take your life and leadership out of a holding pattern. You’ll come away with the proven tools and roadmap to make your dreams a reality.